Final Words

We have come a long way since start of this course and to end of this course to learn some basic and core concepts of OOP. Although, this journey of learning something new should never end. Because, learning is infinite and everyone must keep learning, whether it’s about a profession, a programming language or real life lesson. But, as we have discussed all relevant concepts of OOP in this course that’s why this specific course should end.

I have tried to give it my best shot by elaborating everything using some real life and relevant examples. Now, you will have to decide if I have been successful or not.

It has been an exciting journey for me to write these two courses; As I had to revise and go through all theoretical concepts of programming core and object oriented programming one more time that I studied almost 15-16 years ago. And believe me its was a tough job, not because the concepts are difficult or I forgot with passage of time. But, because of being a person, who always hated memorizing things and theoretical concepts. That’s why I have tried to elaborate all concepts in a way and with examples that I have been using myself.

In the end, if you have enjoyed reading this small course and it was of any help. Please share it with others and let me help others as well.

See you later in another course or tutorial.

Allah Hafiz.

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