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I am a son, husband, father, brother, friend, software engineering professional and fitness enthusiast. Who want to help others to achieve and accomplish more in their personal and professional lives. I love challenges, good books, good food and coffee.

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Email: me@zeeshanelahi.com

Mobile: +923334228204

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Custom Web Application

VIZE Forms – A React Component with Spring Boot APIs & Manager

VIZE Forms is a multipurpose dynamic forms module that consist of React component with Material-UI integration and Spring Boot Manager and Restful APIs.

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Mobile Application

Health Monitor & Sensor Pairing Android Application

Health Monitor & Sensor Pairing is an Android application that scan codes (Code-39 & QR-code), using Google ML-Kit and connect using BLE protocol.

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Random Thoughts & Notes


Intent vs. Planning

Intent vs. planning is an interesting debate. Because of the importance of both planning and intent. And the impact they can have.

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Courses & How To’s


How to use and configure CameraX in Android Applications

CameraX is another API or library that have made Android application developer's life and work much easier for camera integration.

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