A Pocket Guide To Programming Core

Hello and welcome to a pocket guide to programming core by Zeeshan Elahi.

This course has been designed to help people with less or no previous knowledge of computer programming. So they can learn minimal and core concepts of a programming language and kick start their journey of learning any programming language they would like.

I have used these same concepts and techniques to learn 20 or more different languages in past 12+ years. Whenever I want to learn a new programming language, I just try to learn these core concepts first to get started and to get used to that programming language. I only move to advance concepts when I find that programming language interesting or when I want to use it in a project or application.

People who already know one or more programming language might find this course too basic and easy. But, that is the beauty of this course. I have tried my level best to keep it simple and used different real world and simple examples explain some difficult and core concepts of programming.

In the end if you find this course helpful. Please share it with others to help them as well.

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Hi! I'm Zeeshan Elahi

I have compiled and prepared this content with love for people like me and you. And as you know it always take some time and extra cups of coffee to read, compile and prepare a course or manual. If you have like reading this content and want to say thanks, please consider supporting from more stuff like this.

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