Lessons Learned

As I quit my full time job 9-10 months back and started my journey as a consultant and solopreneur; It has been a rocky ride so far. This journey has taught me some interesting and tough lessons. Although, I already knew about most of these but experiencing or going through from these have completely change my perspective about these and life ultimately.

Avoid comfort zone

Whenever you start feeling comfortable with anything whether it is your job, business, work schedule, sleep routine, exercise or anything related to your profession or work life you started to get into a comfort zone. You just stop doing it right away to avoid comfort zones. Because, comfort zone will start killing your productivity and creativity slowly and silently like a poison. We stop using most part of our brain when we get used to something. It might feel productive and creative at start and short run; As you will be getting results faster, completing your work in less time or delivering a project with less effort. But, it will turn into boredom and less creativity later in the long run. To feed our mind and get max out of it, we need new challenge more often. You can achieve this by avoiding comfort zones and challenge yourself by trying new routine, schedule and technology.

Finance and funds management

I think this is the most critical lesson that anyone need and that’s why there are so many articles and books available on this topic. When I started my company (i.e. VIZE Solutions), I had a 5-6 months plan in mind and enough funds to execute that plan. In almost mid of this time period or window, I realized that these funds or savings will not be enough. Although, I usually had very close and strict eye on most of my expenses. But, some expenses or events are not in our control. So lesson learned here would be to carefully manage your finance and also don’t just depend on your savings or backup.  

Stay up to date with technology

We are living in a changing and growing world. There are so much happening around us. Science is revolutionizing everything continuously and rapidly. This apply to both including our life and profession. If I talk about my profession. We are talking about artificial intelligence, machine learning and virtual assistance more often as compared to 3 or 4 years back. Almost 4 years back most of the people don’t know about these. If we don’t keep up the pace with this ever changing technological world around us we will be left behind very soon.

Be yourself

Most of us are inspired by someone who is successful and doing good in his life. And most of the time we also try to be that someone by dressing, acting or working like them. But, we need to realize that Allah has made everyone different. Everyone has different life and circumstances. Some people are successful because they have better luck, some have strong family background, some are extra intelligent, some are hard worker, etc. In a nutshell everyone is different. So try not be someone else and instead try to be yourself. Try to figure out yourself or true being. Try to figure out your unique abilities and what make you different from others. Try to be genuine and true with others. Try to start making your own decisions. When you do this you will realize that life will become a lot easier for you.

Believe in yourself and have faith in Allah almighty

Always have faith in Allah almighty and don’t be afraid from making decisions and taking risks. You might face hardships and put yourself in difficult situations. But, if you believe in yourself and have faith in Allah. You will be able to turn things in your favor sooner or later. Allah has make this universe and each one of us for a purpose.

So stay strong and have faith.

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