Why no New Year Resolution for me this Year?

I have not made any resolution for this year. WHY!!
Because, I think I have some better alternatives. HOW??
Let’s discuss.
First some simple statistics
Almost 25% of world’s population made new year resolution. And only 8 or 10% of those 25% people complete their resolution in time.
During past 7-8 years I was also part of those 90%. Who made resolution on start of every year and were not able to complete it.
What is the reason of this poor success rate of new year resolutions? There can be many. Some of those are:

  • Most of us start losing interest with passage of time
  • Some have time constraint
  • Some have financial constraint
  • Some started to work on Plan B
  • And so many others.
As per my understanding these all are just excuses that we use to hide our failure. I think the problem is with this new year resolution mindset.
Now some simple math
1 Year = 12 Months = 52 Weeks = 365 Days
When we make a yearly resolution we actually start with the mindset that we have a lot of time to complete it. We usually keep pushing it forward every single day. Finally, we fail to complete it by end of year and sadly most of us are not even able to start it.
So what are the Alternatives?
I think we need to divide a Yearly resolution into smaller goals and milestones. These smaller goals may span on 1 or 2 week duration or 1 month duration sometime. But key point here is to keep the time span small enough that we don’t lose interest and also to set a realistic target that is achievable during this smaller time span.
It has another advantage too. We can re-analyze and make next milestone more challenging after completion of each smaller milestone, which might result in early achievement and better results in most cases.
For example, let us assume instead of making a new year resolution of reducing 12 kg of weight in a year, we should divide it in monthly goal of reducing 1 kg in 1 month or 0.5 kg in 2 weeks.
Another example can be of dividing our next big entrepreneur project to smaller 1 month projects and milestones.
So what do you think now. Which one is better?
Please share your thoughts in comments.
Thank you.

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