Different types of Hours in any professional’s daily work life

I was actually planning to write about something else. But, I thought it should be better to share and discuss these different types of hours that we have to deal with during our professional careers and full time jobs.

Different types of hours

So here are three different types of hours in any professional’s daily work life as per my understanding.
  • Office Hours
  • Personal Hours
  • Working/Productive Hours
Let me first explain my understanding about these and then you can share your point of view in comments.

Office Hours

These are the total number of hours that we spent in office during our job. As per my understanding these start with our check-in to office and end with our check-out from office. As, most of the small companies don’t have any check-in and check-out mechanism or system that’s why we may or may not log these daily. Also these are usually standard number of hours as per company policy and country or state policy in which a company is operating. Sometime. type of industry also come into play. For example, Medical, IT, Banking and others have different number of standard office hours.

Personal Hours

These are the hours that we consume/spent doing our personal, religious and other necessary human stuff (…). These include all time that we spent doing gossips (with our colleagues, family, friends), breaks (lunch, tea, dinner, smoking, prayer, etc.), playing games (badminton, table tennis, computer or mobile games, etc.) and other stuff. This is our personal time and no need to log it anywhere. But, we should try to keep check for ourselves.

Working/Productive Hours

These are the hours that we spent doing actual work or job. These are different for different type of jobs and roles. For example, software engineer’s working hours should include the time they spent on working on a software, doing a project/client or sprint meeting, creating effort assessment of a task or project, etc. These should always be tracked and logged by every individual using whatever method/mechanism they want. Because, these are key for personal management and discipline. If you can’t manage, track and log these, you will not be able to hold yourself accountable and also might not be able to maintain your work life balance. These also help to keep track of your professional growth and experience in many different ways.


So above are the different type of hours as per my understanding. You may and may not agree with me. But, understanding of these is very important as per individual, team, project and company perspective. And it is also a key point of my next article.

Please share your thoughts and opinion in comments. And see you soon in next article. Until than take care. Allah Hafiz

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