Two short messages regarding current situation

Hey Everyone,

I hope all of you are in good health and spirits. May Allah keep all of us safe and healthy during this horrible situation of coronavirus (COVID19) pandemic. More and more people are getting infected every tick of clock. Please stay home, keep social distance and keep everyone, including you and your family, safe. And please listen to your authorities; As everything they are trying to do is for our safety.

In this short post, I want to discuss two short messages with you people. I have also shared same messages on my YouTube channel here.

But, that video is in Urdu and only people who understand and speak Urdu will be able to understand my message. That’s why I thought I should share same message here as well.

Don’t panic

It’s understandable that situation is getting worse day by day. Only China has been able to control and get rid of this pandemic. And, good thing is that situation is still in control in Pakistan, because of lock-down imposed by Pakistan’s federal and provincial governments.

This is one side of this problem. On other side, people have started to get panic and many have gone into a depression or state of fear, because of financial, job and work related issues. There is so much uncertainty right now that no body know how and when this crisis will end. And how much it will hurt us financially and economically. Job persons are afraid of losing their jobs and businesses are afraid of losing their customers and revenue. A horrible situation right now for many of us.

Yet there are some who have nothing, no job, no business or any other income stream. But, they are much more calm and in much better mindset as compare to people like us. The point here is that nothing can be done to save our job or business, not until this crisis ends. And our depression and fears will make the situation worse for us and our family.

I started an online store right before this coronavirus issue. And I have to shut-down our operations for safety of myself and my family. Now, if I start getting depressed about this, will it do me any favor? The answer will be No.

But, when I look around and see people in depression. I feel bad for myself and even more bad for them. Because, they need to understand that everybody is suffering, everybody is going through very tough time these days. It’s just that many don’t disclose their feelings or discuss their problems with others. It’s not that this is happening only to them. So don’t panic, don’t be afraid. Everything is going to be Ok in the end.

Help Others

We need to fight with this together. And one way to help others is not to be panic. We should stay motivated and keep our moral up. We must believe in Allah. And we must believe in ourselves.

And there are some people who are looking towards us. We should help them and show generosity towards them. It don’t really matter how we help them. But, we should do whatever we can do. If we can help financially, we should help that way. Or if we can help morally or just exchange few kind words, we should do that.

Again the point here is to increase awareness and spread a message. That we must believe in Allah and keep ourselves motivated. And there are people who are suffering much more than us and need our help. We should help them any way we can. Be kind, be generous and help the needy.

May Allah be with us and keep us and our families safe and healthy from this pandemic.

Take care.

Allah Hafiz

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