What to do and what not to do

Hey everyone,

I hope all of you are in good health and spirits. May Allah keep all of us safe and healthy during this horrible situation of rapidly spreading coronavirus (COVID19).

Although, I don’t really like writing these type of blog posts. But, this time I have to do this to increase awareness among people close to me and living around us.

Pakistan government has also imposed lock down countrywide for safety of our people. But, sadly our awaam (people) are not realizing seriousness of situation or don’t want to realize it for some reasons. Please stay home for safety of yourself, your family and other people. Please quarantine and reduce the curve.

Now let’s come to main agenda of this blog post. That is what to do and what not to do in this situation. Let’s first discuss what should we do.

Listen to Authorities

By authorities I mean our government, agencies, police, health departments, doctors and anyone who has authority by any means. Listen, all of these are trying to achieve one single thing and that is safety of our people. So if they request you to stay at home and don’t go out until its very important , or important than your life. Please stay at home. If they asked us to keep our hands clean, avoid gathering and stop socializing for a while. Please follow their instructions. All of these authorities are putting their own life at risk and in danger to save us and our families. That’s why please listen to them. Follow all of them or some of these authorities (specially doctors) by any means or on social media to listen to their advice, instructions and orders.

Maintain good hygiene and cleanliness

I am not a doctor or a specialist of this subject. But, one thing that I realized and understood, by listening to specialists, is to keep myself and everyone and everything around myself clean and tidy. This is a viral infection and it can be spread by touching infected host (whether human or any other living being) or things touched by infected host. That’s why maintain your distance and avoid touching anything outside your home directly or without gloves. Regularly wash your hands with sanitizers or germs killing soaps. Also this is airborne and it can survive in air, that’s why wear masks (special or simple) when outside. Keep your home cleans, keep waste in plastic bags and dispose it carefully.

Now lets discuss what not to do or what should/must be avoided.

Don’t watch and read news

All of these news channels (whether broadcasted, streamed or online) and printed media are after one thing and only one thing. Yes, you guessed it right, MONEY. They don’t care whether people die or live, whether their news and coverage causing any depression, havoc and fear among their viewers and people. They are and they will keep spreading rumors and showing footage and news about disasters. This automatically create panic. They do this so that they can get more rating and money in form of advertisements. That’s why please immediately stop watching these news channels for some days at least.

Nothing will happen if you don’t watch news for a while. It will actually help you for getting panic. Remember sometime, No news is good news.

Avoid social media

There are so many social media accounts that are unintentionally creating havoc, fear and panic among their followers and people who have friend with their followers. They are sharing footages, images and posts of infected people to get more likes and views, and to increase their followers. Some are even creating fake videos and photoshopped images or using videos and images of people infected by some other disease on their accounts. Some of them don’t even know what are they doing, they just want to increase their number of followers.

So please un-follow or block these accounts for a while. I am not saying un-follow or block all of them or stop using social media completely. But, at least avoid them for a while or if you don’t want to do this, please stop sharing their posts on your wall and feed. So that other who don’t follow them don’t see this type of content and information. And they don’t panic.

That’s it for now.

Please stay at your home, stay safe and stay strong. This time will pass Insha-Allah.

Allah Hafiz

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  • Syed Tehseen Saud

    March 24, 2020 at 9:48 pm

    Good article. People needs to be aware which is lacking at the moment.


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