A Pocket Guide To Programming Core

What is a Program

In simple words. Everything that instruct or tell something to our computer, smart phone, internet browser or any other automatic device is a program.

In a nutshell, a program is a set of instructions or rules that tell a machine how to work.

A machine can be anything like computer, mobile/smart phone, smart home appliances, auto driven cars and anything that can work with less or no interaction of any living being.

A program can have different names depending on platform, device or machine on which it is running. For computers we call it Software, for smart phones an Application (App), for browsers or internet a Website or Web application.

Sometime we give specific name to a program depending upon it’s use or role. For example, a program that help our computers and mobile phones to run or execute other program/software (e.g. a video game, word processor, calculator, browser, etc) is known a OS (Operating system). Some very famous operating systems in world of computers are Windows and Mac OS. For mobile/smart phones we have iOS (Apple’s mobile phones) and Android.

Hopefully, you now know much about program or software. If you want to learn more I would encourage you to do some online search for “What is a program or software?”

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