A Pocket Guide To Programming Core

The Keywords

Almost all programming languages has some reserved words that can not be used by our program to name variables, arrays, functions or anything else. These are reserved because these have special meaning in that programming language. And sometime they just reserved it for future use. We refer to these as ‘Keywords’ of that language.

Here are few examples of those keywords in different programming languages. I can’t list all of those here because there are too many.

// Java, C# and C++
new, int, double, float, String,
for, while, if, else, switch,
private, public, System ...

// PHP
$, echo, if, else, endif, for,
printf, switch, function ...

// JavaScript
var, let, function, if, else,
for, ...

For more details, you can refer to glossary of programming language of your choice or search online.

Let’s move on to last chapter of this course and conclude our course by a short review. Please click “Next” to continue.

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