One Single Tip that You Need to Achieve and Accomplish More

Success is not a mantra or luck or anything that you can’t achieve. It’s just a result or outcome of your hard work, determination, willpower and commitment.
This tip, that I want to share with you today, has already changed my life and mindset recently. Actually, I didn’t take it seriously when I first came to know about it. But, later when I started practicing it. I just got surprised by the results.
Let’s first talk about why you really need this tip. Has it ever happened with you that you set goals? You were very determined about those at start but slowly got off track because of whatever reasons. You set a resolution to lose weight, completing a project, starting a new business or something like that. But, all you get was spending money or buying equipment or tools that you needed. Does it ring a bell? Why we usually fail to achieve or accomplish our goals and resolutions? Thinking …
My story is almost same. I have a lot of goals. I wrote those in a smart phone app and visit those daily. Then, I started to realize that I was only able to complete very few of those. So I started reading and doing research about this. How can I increase my success rate? How can I achieve and accomplish more? There are many articles, books, videos already available out there. So I started reading those books and watching those videos. But, most the books, videos and articles usually tell about the process and techniques to set goals. But, then I realized that problem is not with what I want to achieve or how I get to it. I (most of us) already know the actions and have all the tools. And still here we are. No results for most of us.
How we usually set the goals? Most of our goals start with:
I want to …
I should …
I will …
Am I right? So if I say when we set goals like these we are just wishing or dreaming for something to happen. In some cases, we do get results. But, most of the time results are not satisfying or enough.
So what really need to be changed? Any guesses?
Let’s re-read first line of this article.
Success is not a mantra or luck or anything that you can’t achieve. It’s just a result or outcome of your hard work, determination, willpower and commitment.
Last three words have almost same meanings but used differently. Commitment to a cause, life goal, result, outcome or something that you really want to achieve is very important.
When we are really committed to something, whether it is a life goal, resolution, project or business. It became a MUST. And when something became a MUST, our mindset and approach towards it automatically change. We are more determined to achieve this. We feel more energy in ourselves. We started to feel an invisible force around us that started pushing us towards it.
Let’s take an example. Let’s say someone has a goal to earn six figure salary or income per month. If he/she just wishes for it like this.
I should earn this much money by end of this month. OR I want to earn this much money.
Do you think, he/she will be able to achieve this? Your answers might be not really, may be, if this, if that. Right!
But, what if he/she show real commitment towards this by just saying it like.
I must earn this much money by end of this month.
You see, even you started to feel positive about it by just reading it.
Now second point is that our commitment must be reflected in our actions. We can’t achieve anything by just saying that I must do this or have it. We still need to do a lot by putting real effort in it. It might need so much sweat, hard work and sleepless nights to achieve something that you must. But, if you stay committed to it and make it your first priority, nothing else matter or become secondary. And usually all the hurdles and problems that you were facing initially just disappear or become your companion.
What they say in Star Wars? May the Force be with you.

Take care. Allah Hafiz

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