An important but missing information

Recently, from almost last 2-3 months, I have been applying to different job openings on different platforms that includes LinkedIn, Stack OverFlow, etc. And with every job application also come a response email.

Actually, it feels great when we get an invitation or interview confirmation email. But, there also comes a little Oops or Oh moment when we get a refusal or rejection email.
Most of these emails usually follow a similar pattern including information like better candidate, not good fit, etc. Here are some samples taken from different response emails.

Thank you very much for applying for the position of XXXXX at XXXXX. We very much appreciate your eagerness to work with us.
As we received a large number of applications for this position, it was not an easy task to short-list candidates. Unfortunately, we need to let you know that after careful consideration we have decided not to take your application any further on this occasion.
However, we are continuously looking for talented and ambitious people and are posting all our open positions on our career site. Why don’t you check it out again sometime in the future!
Thank you very much for the interest in XXXXX. We wish you every success with your future career.

Another email with almost same text from another company.

Thank you for your interest in a career with us.
After careful consideration of your application, we regret to inform you that we will not be moving further with your candidacy for this role.
Thank you for your interest in XXXXX. We wish you every success in your future career.

And another

Thank you for your application as well as for the interest you have shown in XXXXX.
We regret that we cannot offer you a job at the moment.
We wish you every success with your search and your future career.

And I have few other as well that are following almost similar pattern with exact or similar text. Obviously, I do want to know status of my job application. And these emails are great; As these help me and any other job applicant to move forward and keep looking for more opportunities.
But, as per my opinion, almost all of these emails are missing an important information. That information includes all those reasons, short comings, skills that were missing from our profile/resume or any other aspect because of which our application got refused.
I always try to send another query email in response of these emails and appreciate them for taking time (Although they have copy + pasted these :D) to send me an update about my job application. And also asked recruiters or HRs to tell me about my short comings so that I can overcome those by learning or practicing any missing or less proficient skill or personality trait. But, sadly I never got a second reply.
And I strongly believe that this information is very important part of any response email; As this can help people to grow and get their DREAM job.
Please do let me know if you agree or disagree with this by sharing your opinion and views in comments.
Thank you.

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