Useful notes for your Entrepreneur journey

I am an Entrepreneur.

This word “Entrepreneur” is as fascinating for us as being a prince or king was in our childhood. Isn’t it?
In our childhood every one of us have played a role of prince or king in one way or the other. We were full of energy and wanted to conquer the world one day. But, as the time passed and we are in our primary or middle school, the roles that we wanted to play started to change as well. Some of us want to join army so they can serve and defend the nation and become a hero. Some of us wanted to join medical or engineering to serve humanity.
Very few of us wanted to become an “Entrepreneur”. Why is that? Although, a successful entrepreneur is not less than a prince in real life. We will think about it some other time. But, as we grow old or we came into our professional life and start doing our jobs. We realize that it might be little difficult for us or not possible at all to accomplish or achieve something astonishing by doing just a 9-5 job. This is when we, or most of us, decided to become Entrepreneur.
Today, I want to discuss some key things and matters that you will need during your journey to become an Entrepreneur. Because, this journey is not that easy like our childhood dreams were and roles we played then.


As we move toward our ultimate goal of becoming a successful entrepreneur, we will have to face many difficulties, hurdles, failures, rejections, etc. Some of us may face difficulties in effectively communicating with our clients and some might get rejections in initial business leads. But, we must overcome on all these difficulties and rejections and keep on going. And to stay on the path we need some sort of advice, inspiration and role models. Because, these can help in boosting our moral and keep us motivated. 
Motivation can come from many different sources. But, I would like to discuss some that I use most of the time.


There are so many beautifully crafted master pieces available online on entrepreneurship, personal development and growth, leadership, etc. I used to read them occasionally and keep them bookmarked in my browser or different smartphone apps to read those later. Most of the times reading these articles help clearing doubts or inspiring us in many different ways. So articles reading can be the one way to keep us motivated and our spirits be kept high.

Motivational Videos

Online videos from successful entrepreneurs and entrepreneur communities are another source of inspiration. You can watch those on YouTube, different blog sites and social media networks. So watching those videos can change the mode very quickly and help us to come out of a failure or rejection instantly most of the time.


Most of time people find it very difficult to discuss their problems and failures with someone else. But, in my honest opinion, this one is the most influential source of inspiration if you can find a good mentor and are able to connect with him/her. A mentor may or may not belong to same field or he may not have same experience like you. But, sharing your problem with someone else and seeking advice from them can give an instant relief and help us look with a different prospective.


Books can also be another source of inspiration. I am not talking about books like “How to” guides. But, the books about autobiographies, struggles and experiences of some successful people. Although books might not give you instant boost in mood and inspiration. But, these can help us in gaining knowledge and seeking advice from experience of those pioneer people.


You will meet many different people on different occasions. Some of those meetings will be just for networking purpose. But, some will be very important for your business. So putting trust into those ones is very important for finalizing a deal and getting business.
Most the time people feel disrespected if we don’t trust them. Because, usually this distrust is being shown up in our actions, gestures and communication. It can be in other way as well. There may be a chance that other person may not trusting us. That time we feel ill.
That’s why we need to master this skill of start trusting people and showing faith in them as well. It will come extremely important when we are in a decision making position or we have authority to make or break the deal. We will not open up or feel comfortable in doing business if we will not trust someone.


Decision Making

You will have to make a lot of decisions during this journey. Although, there is very less chance that you will lack decision making quality. Because, you have already made a big decision to start your entrepreneur journey. So that might not be an issue. But, just in case, if you don’t like decision making or lack this quality. Then you need to get used to it very quickly and start making big decisions and taking risks. It won’t matter much whether those would prove right or wrong later. But, nothing should hold you back from making a decision if you would want to be an entrepreneur.
When we will have to make so many decisions then some of those might go wrong as well or not work as per expectations. In these kind of situations, I usually refer to a golden a quote from Muhammad Ali Jinnah “I do not believe in taking the right decision, I take a decision and make it right.”. That’s why we should not delay in making decision just because we worried too much whether it would work or not. Sometime delaying a decision might result in loosing a great opportunity or business deal. Although, making right decision at right time is equally important. But, most of the time wrong decision is much better than not making a decision at all. Because, taking a decision open up other opportunities as well and this don’t happen in other case.
So these were some of my notes that I thought might be useful in your entrepreneur journey. Please share your experience and useful notes regarding entrepreneurship in comments.

 Thank you.

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