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VIZE Tests – A WordPress Plugin

VIZE Tests is a WordPress plugin that help any site’s owner to create different type of MCQ type tests and quizzes and publish those on their website, by embedding in posts and pages, for their website visitors. Site owners can publish tests for all visitors or they can hide premium tests behind different membership or subscription based access just like any other premium content.


Core objective was to create a WordPress Quiz Plugin that support questions with multiple answers and multiple pages. It should be easy to manage and easy to embed.

Site visitors should be able to navigate between different test pages using next and previous buttons. Site visitors should also be able to review test answers and see explanation for incorrect answers. Site visitors should also be able to share final test score on different social media websites with a link to test itself. Test questions should be randomized for each new test attempt.

Site owner should also be able to clone tests and all test data including questions, answers and any image assets.


My solution was to create a plugin that consists of two different modules:

  1. A WordPress Admin to manage tests, questions and answers
  2. A Shortcode to embed a test in a post or page and publish it on a WordPress website to conduct different type of practice and actual multiple choice type tests.

VIZE Tests Admin Features

Here is a short list of different available features in WordPress Admin as part of VIZE Tests Admin module.

  • A menu item and admin page to access and manage all tests.
  • A tests list page with search, sort and filter functionality.
  • An add/edit test form with option to add test name, description, minimum required score and items per page.
  • A menu item and admin page to access and manage all questions.
  • A questions list page to manage, search, sort and filter questions.
  • Questions can be filtered using a test name.
  • An add/edit question form with option to enter question detail, select associated test, link/upload different type of images for a question, enter different choices and answers for any question and mark one as correct option.
  • A shortcode to embed a test in post or page using test ID. For example [VIZE_Test_Body vize_test_id=”1″].

VIZE Tests Public Site Features

Here is a short list of different available features in WordPress Theme or Public site as part of VIZE Tests Public module.

  • [VIZE_Test_Body vize_test_id=”1″] will be converted to a HTML Form with different questions and answers options.
  • Questions will be randomized for each new test attempt and next available page.
  • Test questions get automatically distributed into different pages depending upon number of questions and items per page limit set by site owner.
  • User choices or answers get submitted to server on press of “Next” or “Get Result” buttons.
  • On successful completion of a test user will automatically be taken to a test results page.
  • Test score is displayed as percentage and result as Pass or Fail texts.
  • User can review test and see explanation for any in-correct answers.
  • User can share test score on social media.
  • User can rewrite a test or can go to next available test.


As result of this WordPress Quiz Plugin my client was able to create and integrate tests and quizzes in at least two of his websites. An effective communication and commitment to my work also earned me a Five star rating from my client. You can see client feedback and review here on Upwork.

A basic version of this plugin without any premium features of cloning, pagination, random ordering of questions, social media sharing is available in WordPress Plugin Directory here.

Here are some screenshots of working plugin used with WordPresss TwentyTwenty theme.

You can contact me here for any demonstration of premium features and/or further customization. Or you can hire me on UpWork or Fiver.