Custom Web Application

Customized Community Portal with WordPress

Recently one of my clients, a US based automobile manufacturer, asked me to develop a customized community portal for their employees.

They were looking for a solution that should be easy to use and manageable from back-end. Because their staff members, who were supposed to maintain and manage portal in future, were not much technology focused. They also requested to develop public website, or front-end, in such a way that it should also be easy to use, user friendly,  and fully responsive. So their employees can access and use it on their mobile phones whenever and wherever they want to connect or participate in anything.

Here is how I was able to help them in having a community portal as per their requirements and satisfaction.


There were two main objectives and challenges that they wanted to achieve. That were easy to use back-end and front-end applications. And a front-end application that should also be responsive.

Also they were looking for some custom content types in addition to simple pages and blog posts. Those include specifically news (internal and external that were supposed to be fetched from a feed), YouTube videos gallery and media galleries to showcase different employee’s community events.


Therefore, I proposed them a custom solution in WordPress. Because, WordPress is one of the leading Content Management System that is open source, continuously receive updates for back-end as per latest technology trends, a strong and helpful online community of developers, fully customizable and a back-end that is both easy to use and now responsive after some recent updates.

WordPress also allow us to create fully customized theme in any of our preferred front-end library or framework, for which we decided to go with Bootstrap.

And we were able to implement all different content types using WordPress Custom Posts and Plugins features.


As a result of this WordPress based portal, they were not only able to connect their global community, but also able to increase employees satisfaction, motivation and participation in different community events.

This solution also helped them in showcasing their industry related news, to both their employees and clients, and a platform to publish and share different benefits and useful resources for their employees. If you are also looking for a custom solution or a community portal like this.

You can contact me here to discuss further details or hire me on UpWork or Fiver.