Desktop Application

Solar Charger Monitor Tool

This application helps in logging and monitoring of data received from Solar Chargers on a given IP and network using Modbus TCP/IP protocol.

This application consists of two main parts.

1. Logger Application

It is a JavaSE based console application that can be setup to work as a background service on any OS. This application connects with configured solar chargers using Modbus TCP/IP protocol to pull information of predefined registers and log those in CSV and MySQL.

2. Monitor Application

This application has been built using JavaFX. This application connects with MySQL to pull information logged by Logger application and display it in a grid format. This application also keeps refreshing the displayed information after a given interval.

An export option has also been provided to export data within a given date range for any specific device.

Here is technology stack of this application:

  • JavaSE
  • JavaFX
  • Modbus TCP/IP protocol implementation
  • MySQL
  • File IO
  • Java Threading
  • RHEL 6