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I am a son, husband, father, brother, friend, software engineering professional and fitness enthusiast. Who want to help others to achieve and accomplish more in their personal and professional lives. I love challenges, good books, good food and coffee.

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Email: me@zeeshanelahi.com

Mobile: +923334228204

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Custom Web Application

VIZE Forms – A React Component with Spring Boot APIs & Manager

VIZE Forms is a multipurpose dynamic forms module that consist of React component with Material-UI integration and Spring Boot Manager and Restful APIs.

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Mobile Application

Health Monitor & Sensor Pairing Android Application

Health Monitor & Sensor Pairing is an Android application that scan codes (Code-39 & QR-code), using Google ML-Kit and connect using BLE protocol.

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Random Thoughts & Notes


Intent vs. Planning

Intent vs. planning is an interesting debate. Because of the importance of both planning and intent. And the impact they can have.

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Courses & How To’s


How to get started with Docker

A simple and short getting started guide for Docker to help you getting started by installing and getting familiar with some simple commands.

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